Learn On Your Own How To Become A Freight Broker

We offer freight broker training courses with audio teachings that show anyone how to Dispatch Truck loads and build a freight broker business.

Why Choose Us?

We offer our 17 years of experience within logistics in a DIY learn on your own Audio format on how to become a freight broker. We are excited to offer our own internal teachings so that people can learn the reality of what Freight Brokering is all about. It is our way of giving back to the logistics community.

Im so glad I found these freight broker training audios. They have helped me grasp the realness and true scope of what a Freight Broker should be.

Jessica Lopez
Logistics Company Owner

About Us

Michael Thomas

store owner

People who are wanting to build a logistical business for long term and create something that is actually tangible and real, choose to work with LFS for the main fact of its security and realness. Starting a freight broker business or trucking company by yourself is dangerous enough with all the unknowns and regulations that continue to haunt us all. Having a team to work within and a solid educational back ground that supports not only logistical freight brokering education, but also a platform for knowledge and investment within logistics is what makes LFS attractive to hard core entrepreneurs. LFS has stepped outside the box with innovation and methods that attracts the key people within logistics to make your business success and profitable. These freight broker audios will teach you the inside life of freight brokering and how to build your own freight broker firm.